Dirt Hand is the solo outlet of Arun Roberts, bass player for Gabriella Cohen. After a back injury forced him into a 6 month hiatus from bass he began writing songs with near reckless abandon. His first collection of songs was the Dirt Hand EP, released in 2015, which pushed him onto stages around Australia as well as into the soundtracks to a handful of short films. After a year of heavy touring with Gabriella Cohen and a freak runway experience with Gucci Arun returned home to Australia to focus on Dirt Hand. On Wednesday 27th September 2017 Arun returned to the studio with 9 musicians who were purposefully told nothing about the session. At the end of the day they had the Thorn Variations, a set of four songs based on concepts originally devised by Steve Reich and sounding like a cross between The Necks, PJ Harvey and Tom Waits. The Thorn Variations is out now.

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