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The Dirt Hand EP

by Dirt Hand

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Recorded by Michael Smallman in Zac's living room and Michael's bedroom between February and March of 2015. Additional recording by Sam Cromack at Grandma's Place.

Sam Cromack played cabasa, claps, keys, and minimoog. Chris Darbyshire played claps, keys, and alto and tenor saxophone. Will Darbyshire played claps and trumpet. Amela Duheric sang backing vocals. Kat Gough sang backing vocals and played violin. Em Massingham played claps and keys. Zac Moynihan played claps, floor tom, and guerro. Arun Roberts played guitar and sang vocals. Michael Smallman played claps. Joseph P Tilbrook played claps and floor tom.

Engineered by Michael Smallman.

Mixed by Sam Cromack.

Mastered by Tristan Hoogland.

Written and produced by Arun Roberts.

Original artwork by Genevieve Lucy. Design and layout by This is Also.

© & ℗ 2015 Dirt Hand.

For David.